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What is beauty? When I was a little girl I couldn’t stop drawing roses, the structure of a rose fascinated me and it seems to be a perfect illustration of beauty. The rose is so beautiful in their complexity and yet so simple.  It… Read more »

Last words

“Time is passing through the years, we’re searching answers to our prayers.” Now we come is a song I wrote when I studied at the Music University . Actually I was practicing in a piano room and as usual I… Read more »

Women’s Ministry

My dear aunt Anna who lives in Romania called me to ask me if I could write a simple, cheerful theme song for the Adventist Women’s Ministry, which she is involved with. After our talk I went out for a… Read more »

Northern lights

The theme of the ASI Scandinavia conference in 2013 was “Transforming Grace”. Daniel Pedley, the graphic designer at LifeStyleTV, designed a beautiful backdrop depicting the Northern light (Aurora Borealis). This beautiful phenomenal in nature with its special light works as a wonderful illustration… Read more »

Orion Nebula

Gazing up to a clear winter sky during a cold star filled night fills you with inspiration for music creation. My friend Anna Juneby and I have many things in common and one of those things is STARS! When she lived in… Read more »