Month: January 2016

Child of God

One evening I was playing piano and my friend Izla Bethdavid Boltena was in the next room listening to the melody. She asked me if she could use her pictures from Africa to make a video and the idea to make a… Read more »

Remembering 3abn

In January 2007 I recorded a CD with songs that I had written at a TV-channel called 3abn in Illinois, USA. I was very excited and happy about this project and worked really hard. But the week before the recording I got… Read more »

Northern lights

The theme of the ASI Scandinavia conference in 2013 was “Transforming Grace”. Daniel Pedley, the graphic designer at LifeStyleTV, designed a beautiful backdrop depicting the Northern light (Aurora Borealis). This beautiful phenomenal in nature with its special light works as a wonderful illustration… Read more »

Orion Nebula

Gazing up to a clear winter sky during a cold star filled night fills you with inspiration for music creation. My friend Anna Juneby and I have many things in common and one of those things is STARS! When she lived in… Read more »